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One day we took a break from our corporate costumes and headed out for an unplanned holiday without any reservations (pun intended).As we drove out of the city, the air got clearer, the sights got pretty and the skies lightened up. The valley welcomed us, the mountains said their helloes, the birds chirped around us- the sights and sounds bedazzled us and when we went back to the big city our jobs could no longer contain us. We knew it we had to do something about it-so maybe take this as a project, and then we thought bigger, to take it up as a job. Full time!!  So we started The Blueberry Trails. A trail to places where we have been and Much enjoyed. To share this experience and beyond. We arrange for trips for individuals and groups alike, to places not typically on every ‘tourists’ trail. We cant say -its different.You judge for yourself. This is a diary of our first expeditions to places that are currently on our trails. A peek into what transpired!!

The Blueberry Trails is an experiential travel company, where travel is more about the experience than the destination.But that doesnt make the locations of our trails any less kick-ass!We arrange trips for small groups of people or individuals,  to places closer to home or as far away that you want to go!!

You can reach us here:

Website: http://www.theblueberrytrails.com/

Facebook: http://on.fb.me/dM0kor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlueberryTrails

Email: info@theblueberrytrails.com

Call: +91 8080 122 441

17 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi. I need to know if you organise family friendly camping trips as well. I have 2 children (7 yrs amd 2.5 yrs).


    1. Hi Ruchika,

      Apologies foe the delay in answering to you.

      As you must have figured, we do both Weekend Trips and longer Outdoor Trips. Some of these trips are children friendly, as it involves locations which are comfortable for kids, but some where we have treks and heights i wouldnt reccomned it really. But a host of our destinations do not have strenuous activities and they are perfect for a family outing. So You can keep in touch with us at out Facebook profile, where we keep updating all our latest activities. The address of it is:


      Any queries pkls feel free to write back here or at sudeepta@theblueberrytrails.com

      Hopefully see you soon in one of our trails.



  2. I am all by myself in Mumbai. Learned about you through the Times of India. Looks interesting. How can I go about it? I mean how can I join your trips?



    1. Hi Ajay, leave us your name,number and email id and we will keep you updated abt all our upcoming travel plans. Or you can get in touch with Sudeepta @9820925721 and leave yur details withg her!

      Looking forwrd to seeing you on one of our trails!

  3. Hi,
    We share the same travel philosophy as you do – we do trips in North-east indian states. If ou are looking for a partner in that region do check out our website.

  4. Hi, I quite like the look of your arranged holidays. Have been looking for travel-buddies and arranged tours like these for a while now. But you seem to be doing most of them out of Mumbai, which is a problem for me. I’m from Chennai. For your longer trips, I can always join in from Chennai too, right? Your itineraries will be flexible enough to accommodate that?

    Also, could you point me to some other similar groups, which I can consider? Thanks! 🙂

  5. Hi,I was watching you on the T V just now, I will take a few min.to tell you about me.I am sorry if it disturbes you.
    My name is anil sharma Now Karam Yogi..i can understand you me be deeling with some agent in Rishikesh.I am in this beusiness for the last 28 Years. In 80es I was doing Yatra only then in 90es I came into Adv.Now I am into Village Tourism the adv.part I have given to my son Abhay.he has his Resort nameed Elephant Brook and the Compy. is Reavers Exp.Iam now allmost 61 having acres of Land at a Hill Top Viewing allmost all the Peaks of Himalayas.Here we have started Home Stay.
    This is just 40 Kms from Rishikesh/Haridwar (1 Hour from Raiway Station and 1 Hour from the Air Port) I do Few Trips but allways go personly with the group.
    Pls. feel free to ask any Qst. if you have

    Anil Sharma
    Sadhana Tours

  6. hey just came across your site!! love the work you guys are doing!! Will surely sign up for some of the trips in near future. Keep me updated 🙂 Cheers!!

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