5 amazing things to make you go gaga over Ladakh

It’s that time of the year again, where we open bookings for the mesmerising land of Ladakh. The land of the bluest lakes, high passes, colourful gompas, eclectic cafes and sights that you will take a whole lifetime to forget! An adventure like no other, Ladakh offers you a peek into its majesty and once is often not enough. We have been to  Ladakh every year since our inception, and every year we try to do things differently, discover new facets to this magical land, which has won our heart over since the first time we went, The trips we design are very personal, with elements that appeal to us as travelers: local food, local stays, hikes, local experiences , without having to give up on the basic comforts. We hope to take adventurers to this mysterious land and help them see it from close quarters, its nuances, its heritage, and live its story every day. Trying to stay away from the mainstream and beyond the usual circuits, here are offbeat things to do on our Ladakh trail:

picmonkey-collagen.jpg1. Curated Homestays: Most of our stays are in family run guesthouses or homestays, giving you a local flavour in your stay. Interacting with them everyday for your meals and tea, gardening with them as you see them work their farms, learning about their cuisine, their culture and getting a close up glimpse at their life can be rewarding. Their lives are so different from ours and yet so similar, it’s amazing. Despite being separated by 11000ft, You will start feeling like home in the mountains. They also tend to be located beyond the main market, so it’s far away from the chaos of the main road and the commercial establishment. Tucked away , beside a rivulet, overlooking the mountains or even with your own private garden, they are well kept secrets. From camps to guesthouses and homestays ranging from basic to luxurious we have it all. Try it!

lamayuru_monastery.jpg2. Explore lesser known villages of Turtuk, Nimmu Bagso, Ule, Lamayuru. Beautiful apple orchards will greet you, mustard fields, tall grass and garden full of flowers. Quite a shocker for this cold desert, but the lower altitude of these hamlets help the farming. Go for village walks, talk to local artisans, appreciate their local art, and marvel. Marvel at the beauty that surrounds you.  Spend an entire day in these lovely pockets, far away from the jostle of the crowds.

night-camping-in-ladakh.jpg3. Camping under a thousand million stars

Sites like these are common. A sky sparkling with stars, and a lit up tent, thick blankets and plenty of conversations to keep one warm in the high altitude. One cannot forget such experiences quite easily. Our curated campsites in Jispa, Mulbek and Pangong are much loved by our travelers who have been there, some of them more than once.

ladakh-trek4.Beautiful Treks

 Ladakh is a land of varied experiences. There is spirituality to be explored, adventure to be had and the bliss of nature to be felt. While you can explore Ladakh in plenty of ways, trekking is one of the best ways to do it. Trekking in Ladakh brings together all the different experiences to be had in Ladakh- a trip to monasteries gives you a spiritual experience; walking through varied landscapes lets you be with nature; and trekking to the top of challenging peaks gives you an adventurous experience.A great way to explore the valleys and passes of the region is on foot. Starting from moderate 1-5 days treks to the Sham Valley to longer more intensive treks to Tso Moriri or the Zanskar. The fairly gentle trek gives you a chance to enjoy the views and experience village life, in this most remote area of India with its rich culture, where the way of life hasn’t changed for centuries. The 5day long treks are not too demanding and includes a visit to the monasteries of Alchi, Lamayuru as well as Thiksey. 

basgo-ladakh.jpg5. Visit the historical town of Basgo

The historical town of Basgo finds frequent mentions in the Ladakhi chronicles for once being the capital of Lower Ladakh. If you’re a history buff, you should pay a visit to the mud-brick fortress of Basgo Gompa that lies atop a hill and houses the remnants of a citadel and three Maitreya Temples which are supposed to be the oldest surviving structures of its kind dedicated to the Buddha of the future. It definitely makes for a surreal experience. The locals are extremely friendly and will be happy to share a few cups of butter tea and some local legends with you.

Join us in June. Check out the amazing itinerary route map:

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