10 reasons why Pondicherry should be on your travel wishlist

#1 French Architecture

Pondicherry is blessed with a mix of two cultures which is very evident in its architecture. It is divided into several quarters like the sea side French quarter & the northern Tamil quarter which is categorized based on their distinct architecture. The French colonial architecture is evident in the promenade, the cascading bougainvillea over mustard coloured walls, gazebos and mini pavilions, the stately homes, the old churches in the French quarter that is now known as the White Town.

French Architecture1

#2 Great Beaches, Great Surfing

The coastline of Pondicherry is 45kms long and has many beaches of which the famous ones are the Paradise beach, Auroville beach, Promenade beach (similar to Carter Road in Mumbai) & the lesser known Serenity beach. The beaches are ideal for sunbathing, swimming or simply strolling on the golden sands. One of the best water sports activities you can do there is surfing. Don’t know how to surf? Worry not! You could take surfing lessons from the experts at Kallialay Surf School. Don’t miss out on the spectacular sunrise or sunset by the beach.

Beaches Surfing 1

#3 Rich Heritage

Pondicherry is rich in cultural as well as architectural heritage. A visit here will take you to the bygone era of elegance and romance. INTACH is an organization headquartered in Pondicherry dedicated to conservation and awareness of Pondicherry’s rich heritage. Take a fun guided walking or cycling heritage tour around the French and Tamil quarter of Pondicherry highlighting Pondicherry’s architectural heritage & exploring the hidden nooks and corner of the town, lesser known places.

Heritage 1

#4 Spiritual Experience

Discover your spiritual side in the global peace city of Auroville. Take a day trip or spend  some nights at one of the many guesthouses at Auroville.  Dwelve deeper within your inner self by undertaking a meditation session at Matri Mandir or enjoy the various workshops and therapies they have to offer. You can also learn about crafts such as the art of handmade paper making , indigo dyed clothing, incense manufacturing to energy efficient solutions.


#5 Nearby Experiences

There are numerous places around Pondicherry that you can club while your visit to Pondicherry. From the temple town of Mahabalipuram to the archeological site of Arikamedu which has a long history dating back to 2nd century B.C. to the ideal picnic spot of Ousteri Lake to Tiruvakkarai that is known for the first Wood-Fossil Park of India. You can choose to visit any of the places based on your interests.

Mahabalipuram 1

#6 Easy Accessibility

Pondicherry is easily accessible due to its proximity to the nearby major cities like Chennai and Bangalore. It is 135kms from Chennai which takes around 3-4 hours while it is around 350kms from Bangalore which takes 12 hours of travel time. One can reach either Chennai or Bangalore via air and then take the road. With good network of rail and road connectivity,  one can choose to reach Pondicherry in private taxis, overnight buses, trains from the nearby major cities or any other place in India.


#7 Cafes:
Tourism has blossomed in Pondicherry giving a rise to the numerous cafes in Pondicherry. The cafes in Pondicherry are a great way to sample the fusion cuisine this little town has to offer. Be it on the coast or in the interiors of the French colony, the number and variety of cafes here are simply outstanding. From French bakes to Tamilian idlis with the typical piquant chutney, these cafes will invigorate the taste buds of hungry travelers. Not only that, but most of these cafes have a lovely ambience and the friendly service will make you feel at home.
Cafes 1
#8 Boutique Stays:
Pondicherry is a home to many colonial properties due to the rich history associated with it. The many colonial villas here are have been restored and converted into heritage hotels. Go back in time during your stay in one of the heritage properties there run by the friendliest locals. They are equipped with all the basic amenities that any other hotel would have. Also, you can relish on the delicious home cooked meals they have to offer.

HeritageStays 1

#9 Shopping:
One of the delights that Pondicherry has to offer include a range of options for the discerning shopper, be it affordable leather goods at Hidesign’s cheapest Indian outlet, unique antique furniture at Gethanjali, charming boutiques like La Maison Rose and Kasha ki Asha selling beautiful fabrics, jewellery and garments.

Shopping 1

#10 Musical Nights:
Housed in a beautiful French colonial building, Café de Flore organises lovely evening concerts. The grassy courtyard, delicious French food with the music in the background make for one magical evening.
MusicalNights 1

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