Monsoon homestays to visit with friends

During monsoons it is a feast for rain lovers to head out and about. Be it trekking, chasing waterfalls or tucked indoors with a book and a cup of chai, maybe at a home away from home. We’ve listed some of the best homestays to escape to with your group of friends or family. Here goes…

Deogadh1. A colonial and beautiful homestay off the Mumbai Pune Expressway, that sums up what hospitality is all about. This homestay is located in Thakursai Village in Pawnaa. The quaint bungalow is nestled in the greenery, surrounded with forests and fields. Wake up to the call of the birds, and walk through the rice fields and the farms. If you want, you can lend a hand at milking the cows! If you’re in the mood to be lazy, prop yourself onto a hammock, or go fishing. You could also swim in the Pawnaa lake, and at night, lie under the star-studded sky as the aroma of barbeque drifts in the air. Much of the charm of the homestay lies in its laidback family ambience, and the yummy traditional Maharashtrian food cooked by Mirabai.

Aranya2. Inspired by the lush, green paddy fields that surrounds the area and the cool breeze from the sea, the villa was set out to optimise the best that Nature had to offer!To match up the beauty of the surroundings the place is adorned with state of art work bound to leave you amazed! It is a 3 bedroom villa offering accommodation for up to 6 adults. A lovey swimming pool, a patch of lawn, al fresco dining, car parking just 5 minute walk from Kihim Beach through a leafy avenue! It has plenty of books, music and movies to make your lazy weekend even better and to top it up house specials from the home kitchen!

Banyan bliss3. Set on top of a hill with the meandering Amba River not far below, the homestead offers a 360 degree view of mountains all around including Lonavala and Amby Valley. The terrain becomes alive in the monsoons with the view punctuated with waterfalls each more ferocious than the next.What makes the homestead even more unique is its evolution from around its central core – a large, very, very old Banyan Tree whose expanse of branches afford a vast area of shade, right next to which is a Lotus pond with “guppy” fish that co-exist in its serenity. Banyan Bliss is a home away from the city. A space for childhood nostalgically remembered, of waking up to the sound of the cockerel crowing and the birds chirping sans the honk of cars.

NinePalms4. One may not want to step out of the villa as it is well furnished with outdoor sports equipment, hammocks, private pool, open air jacuzzi and even a rough village style swing installed under a tree and a lovely family lounge. Unwind at one of the beaches or go back into history while gallivanting the forts around the area.It is a part of the coastal town of Alibaug. It is a 15 min drive from Mandwa Jetty and conveniently located at a 5-10 min walk from the lovely Awas beach which stretches to Mandwa beach and Kihim beach respectively.This 5 acre estate is beautifully done and serves perfectly as a home away from home! One can also go for a stroll or a drive through the lush green streets of Awas Village and escape in its scenic beauty.

Le petite5. An elfin bungalow situated on a slope, in the picturesque location of Lonavala. A dream house is a quaint get-away destination in Lonavala located amidst lush green surroundings with a spectacular view of the ragged hills from the verandah.A special feature related to the bungalow is the Glass Room, independent of the main building, where the walls are completely made of glass, and have curtains within. The balcony provides a breath-taking view of the valley and the adjacent garden is ideal for a stroll or lazing about.

Gulzar6. A 20 acres farm situated between the Arabian Sea and the Salav Murud highway with the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary as a backdrop. The property straddles an almost private beach which is bereft of other visitors as it is not visible from the road. On the farm are a variety of fruiting trees which include 150 Mango trees, 250 Coconut trees, Supari, Cashew, Lime, Jaiphal, Tamarind and a host of other trees along with at least 100 different varieties of jungle trees judiciously planted to lend an ambiance of a jungle frequented by a variety of natural life mainly birds. One can spot Hornbills, Eagles, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers, Bulbuls from the house itself.

MangoBeach7. Although designed in a modern minimalistic Mediterranean style, the structure is ensconced in a lush tropical landscape. Mango Beach House will surprise you.The property comprises of large ensuite rooms, a swimming pool and a full service spa, best of all, it is only a short walk away from the beach. Whether taking a dip in the ever so inviting pool, listening to the birds chirp in the garden, or simply sitting on the beach watching the sun slip silently into the glistening sea, Mango Beach House is the place for you to be.

Verandah8. Based in the forest it is one of the most unique heritage houses in Matheran. It the second house to be built up on the isolated Western Ghats by Captain Barr in the 19th century. Now, with every facility in place, it is reputed to be second to none and is run as one of the most popular heritage hotels in Matheran by the Neemrana group! Lounge in a dream salon 12 metres/35 feet high at this resort in Matheran. Stroll down to Charlotte Lake comfortably . Link your planet with your own two feet. One stay here will get you started on the discovery of the best Matheran homestay.

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