The best blogs out there on Lahaul & Spiti

The surest way to get research done about any place before you visit it, is to read about whats been written about it from people who have been there and done that. We’ve put together this list of the best blogs written on Lahaul and Spiti to aid your travel there. Enjoy!

1397324_3774557938519_1671686774_oDheeraj Sharma Devil on wheels @devilonwheeels

Comprehensive, precise and full of information. He even has a separate category labelled Spiti Valley on the blog.

2cGgIm7IHimanshu Khagta – Life in Spiti – @khagta @lifeinspiti

Concentrates on Life, people, culture, nature, religion and festivals of Spiti.

Profile_zpscc82e31bNeelima Vallangi – ‏The wandering souls wander tales @i_WanderingSoul 

This blog has it all FAQ’s, beautifully brilliant photos, a time-lapse video and even goes on to talk about adventure and cycling from Spiti to Manali.

O2RX83DjShivya Nath – The shooting star ‏@shivya

Look up the Himachal Pradesh section to read about 10 experiences that’ll take your breath away in Spiti.

339862_10150634707124199_559217187_oSatyender S Dhull – BNOMADIC @gobNomadic 

A wildlife conservationist at heart he writes and clicks about his encounters with wild creatures and being up-close with the tea river.

413147_10152077085630504_1104897122_oTarun Goel – ‏LOOP-WHOLE @tarugoel

Writings about a couple of monasteries and adventures through Lahaul.

Nldmh9UWAmrita Dass  – Traveling Ides of March ‏@Amrita_Dass 

Talks about volunteer programs in Spiti along with her personal views of trekking there.

734818_10151209262613193_1578548757_nSaurabh Sabikhi Blog @sepulcher

Write a personal 5 day travelogue about going back to his roots and his home in Spiti.

XoO8c6zYSrinivas Kulkarni – Srini stuff @srinistuff 

A pleasant and refreshing photo essay on his travel through Spiti

10384584_10152667423521994_6411458701573916238_nElita ‏Almeida Nomadic Thunker @NomadicThunker 

A personal travelogue with some beautiful collages of Spiti

Read to trip to the remotest part of the country? Visit the ancient monasteries, small tiny hamlets, world’s highest village, drive through the rugged landscape, hike to the lake and much more during our trip to Lahaul-Spiti?

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Main Banner Photo Credit – Vishal Hanmattekar.

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